Where precision meets vision: Transforming spaces into immersive digital realities for an empowered future

As You Build Life's Moments, We Capture

Welcome to a world where every significant moment is impeccably captured and transformed into an immersive digital experience. 'As You Build Life's Moments, We Capture' – this philosophy drives our advanced 3D scanning services, preserving every detail across sectors like hospitality, retail, insurance, public safety, universities, real estate, construction, and manufacturing. Embrace the future of digital representation with us, where our expertise in creating detailed digital twins and immersive tours enables you to explore, analyze, and share your spaces like never before.

Our Scanning Portfolio: Highlighting Partnerships & Projects

Smile Doctor
Gerber Baby
Shvaas Spa
Greater Irmo Chambers of Commerce

Experience moments not just captured, but brought to life. At As-Build 3D, we transform spaces into immersive narratives across various industries. From the bustling corridors of retail to the hallowed halls of universities, the dynamic structures of construction sites, and the tranquil spaces of public safety facilities, our 3D models and virtual tours invite exploration and engagement.

As a local Matterport service provider in Columbia, SC, we offer immersive experiences that go beyond traditional documentation. For retail, we create virtual stores that customers can explore in detail. For educational institutions, we offer digital campuses that attract global students. In construction, we provide clear project oversight beyond blueprints.

Our services extend to hospitality, real estate, and public safety, transforming spaces into interactive journeys. We document, prepare, and protect, turning data into proactive solutions. Our expertise is trusted by leading names in the industry, including Leica Geosystems, Faro Technologies, and Hexagon AB, ensuring top-tier quality and innovation.

Join us in redefining the art of capturing life's moments. With As-Build 3D, your story is not just told; it's experienced and remembered. Explore our virtual tour and see why we're trusted for innovative 3D solutions. 'As You Build Life's Moments, We Capture.'


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