Interactive Retail

Interactive Retail

Transform your digital presence with our 3D scanning service, offering a vivid, virtual showcase of your facilities. This Suite includes immersive tours and precise visualizations. Additionally, it is capable of incorporating Matter Tags to provide detailed product insights, making it ideal for enhancing both digital presence and customer engagement.



With Tours we offer exceptional services designed to enhance the presentation of properties for customers, realtors, and other professionals. Our immersive virtual tours showcase the curb appeal of your property, allowing potential buyers to explore and appreciate its unique features from the comfort of their own homes.

With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we create high-quality, interactive 3D tours that captivate viewers and provide an engaging experience. Whether you are selling a residential property, promoting a commercial space, or presenting a project to clients, our virtual tours will help you make a lasting impression.

Progressive Scans

Progressive Scans

AsBuilt3D offers progressive scans specifically designed for the construction industry, allowing you to capture every stage of your project with precision and clarity. Our comprehensive scanning solutions provide invaluable insights and documentation throughout the construction process, from the initial site assessment to the final as-built scan. The stages of our progressive scans include:

1. Pre-Construction Snapshot

2. Subterranean Infrastructure Scan

3. Foundation & Rough-In Review

4. Vertical Ascent Scan

5. Top-to-Bottom Integration

6. As-Built Grand Finale

With progressive scanning solutions, you can ensure the success and efficiency of your construction projects while maintaining a detailed, future-proof record of your work.

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State-of-the-Art 3D Scanning for BIM Integration

Our state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology is expertly designed to transform your project into a detailed, high-resolution digital format, perfectly suited for integration into Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems. This seamless transition from physical to digital is ideal for a range of applications, including industrial, architectural, and artistic projects. Our scanners don't just capture images; they create a comprehensive digital blueprint, capturing every nuance with unmatched precision. Whether you're planning a new construction or managing a renovation, our 3D scanning service is the bridge between your on-site work and your digital BIM representation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every phase of your project.

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Video Integration

At the forefront of digital innovation, our video integration service seamlessly merges with 3D scanning technology to revolutionize how information is conveyed in your projects. Designed to enrich Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems, this fusion of high-resolution video with detailed 3D scans offers a multifaceted view that static images alone cannot provide.

This advanced synergy is tailored for a diverse array of applications - whether it's in industrial settings, architectural designs, or dynamic artistic installations. Our approach transcends traditional boundaries, embedding videos directly within 3D scans to deliver a richer, more informative experience. Imagine being able to not only view a digital representation of your project but also access embedded video content that provides in-depth insights, from detailed explanations of processes to visual demonstrations of features and functionalities.

Particularly valuable in scenarios such as construction project overviews, equipment operation guides, or showcasing architectural features, our service adds a new dimension to your BIM integration. It enhances understanding and communication, making it an invaluable tool for training, presentations, and stakeholder engagement.

With our video-integrated 3D scanning service, you bridge the gap between on-site realities and digital representation, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive understanding of every aspect of your project. Experience the future of project visualization and information sharing with our state-of-the-art service, designed to bring unparalleled clarity and depth to your projects.

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Explore the Full Spectrum of Innovative Services

"Explore the Full Spectrum of Innovative Services

at As-Build 3D

 Where we extend beyond the ordinary to offer a wide array of cutting-edge digital solutions. Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of services designed to meet and exceed your project requirements, whatever they may be.

Our offerings include:
- 3D Laser Scanning: Capture and recreate physical spaces with unparalleled accuracy and detail.
- 360 Photography: Immerse yourself in a location with our full-circle photographic technology.
- Blueprints & CAD Files: Detailed and precise architectural plans and drawings to bring your projects to life.
- Disaster Preparedness Planning: Utilize our technology for creating plans that enhance safety and readiness.
- Google Street View Integration: Connect your space with the world through Google's expansive platform.
- Point Cloud Data: Obtain highly accurate three-dimensional coordinates for detailed site analysis.
- Content Distribution for Real Estate: Elevate your property listings with our specialized distribution services.
- VRBO and HomeAway 360 Publishing: Enhance your rental listings with immersive 360-degree views.
- TruePlan for Xactimate by Matterport: Streamline insurance and restoration processes with detailed documentation.
- E57 File by Matterport: Utilize this versatile 3D data file format for comprehensive spatial information.
- Schematic Floor Plans: Get detailed and accurate floor plans for a variety of uses.

At As-Build 3D, we understand that every project has unique needs, and we're committed to providing solutions tailored to your specific requirements. If there are services or features you need that are not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always expanding our capabilities and exploring new technologies to offer you the best in digital solutions.

Reach out to us to discover more about our services and how we can assist in bringing your project to the next level. At As-Build 3D, your vision is our mission, and we're dedicated to helping you achieve it.


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