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In the intricate and often challenging realm of insurance and restoration, you – the professionals and experts in this field – are the true heroes who bring stability and resolution in times of need. At As-Build 3D, we understand the critical role you play in restoring order and peace of mind. Our specialized 3D scanning services are designed to be your steadfast ally, offering unparalleled clarity and precision in your assessments and restorations.

We offer more than just advanced scanning solutions; we provide a partnership that empowers you to make informed decisions and provide accurate, timely responses to your clients. Our technology transforms the way you document and evaluate properties, offering a level of detail that supports your crucial work in validating claims and planning restorations. With As-Build 3D, you gain a powerful tool that enhances your ability to act swiftly and accurately, ensuring that every assessment, claim, and restoration process is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Embrace the power of precision with As-Build 3D's services, tailor-made for the insurance and restoration industry. Let us guide you in bringing clarity, accuracy, and efficiency to your work, helping you to uphold your commitment to excellence and trust in every project. Click to explore how our services can revolutionize your approach to insurance assessments and restoration projects, and reinforce your position as a leader in the field.

a bunch of houses that have been destroyed

Restoration Reimagined: Guiding Heroes Through Crisis to Recovery

Imagine the moment a homeowner faces the unexpected—a burst pipe, a natural disaster, or any unforeseen damage that turns their sanctuary into a site of distress. In this moment of upheaval, the path to restoration seems daunting. Yet, amidst the chaos, there emerges a beacon of hope and efficiency, embodied by the homeowner, the insurance adjuster, and the restoration company—each playing a pivotal role in weaving a tale of resilience and recovery.


The homeowner, faced with the immediate shock of damage, seeks a swift and uncomplicated solution to restore their cherished home. Recognizing the critical need for precision and speed, they turn to As-Build 3D, initiating the first step towards recovery. As-Build 3D steps in not as the protagonist but as a steadfast guide, armed with advanced 3D scanning technology that promises to transform the daunting journey of restoration into a manageable, streamlined process.


With a simple call to As-Build 3D, the homeowner sets into motion a seamless operation. Our team swiftly responds, deploying our state-of-the-art scanning service to capture the full extent of the damage in precise detail. This digital twin of the home becomes a crucial piece of the puzzle, offering a clear depiction of the devastation without the need for the insurance adjuster or restoration team to step foot on-site initially.


The insurance adjuster, tasked with assessing the claim, finds solace in the accurate documentation provided by As-Build 3D. From their desk or phone, they can virtually navigate through the damaged property, comparing it to pre-damage scans when available. This not only expedites the claim process but also instills a sense of trust and transparency between the homeowner and the insurance company.


Meanwhile, the restoration company, designated as the craftsmen of renewal, receives the detailed scans from As-Build 3D. Equipped with this invaluable insight, they can precisely plan and execute the restoration work, arriving on-site fully prepared to tackle the necessary repairs. This preparation ensures that the restoration is not only effective but also efficient, minimizing further disruption to the homeowner's life.


In this story, the true heroes are the homeowner, the insurance adjuster, and the restoration team, each taking decisive action to mend what was broken. As-Build 3D, in its role as the guide, provides the tools and support to expedite the journey from damage to restoration. Through our technology and dedication, we enable a story of swift recovery, ensuring that every home and facility touched by adversity can be brought back to its former glory, or perhaps, something even greater.


At As-Build 3D, we understand that behind every service call is a story of hope, resilience, and the human spirit's capacity to rebuild. Let us be the guide on your journey to restoration, offering our expertise to illuminate the path forward.


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